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Final thoughts

Wow, I can hardly believe we’ve come to the end of our time together. I have enjoyed telling you what I know about affiliate marketing and I truly hope that it helps you create the kind of business you have always dreamed about.

We’ve determined that affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money. I have talked to you about how to understand your audience, and choose products that solve their…

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Common Questions about Wheat Free Living

Common Questions about Wheat Free Living


As you transition into a gluten free and wheat free lifestyle you’re going to get questions. Some of the questions are genuine. People really want to learn more about your choices and support you. They might also be considering making the change themselves. You may get some seemingly rude questions but they’re not as common as you might think. I’ll share some of the questions I receive from…

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Effective Ways to Promote Products

Effective Ways to Promote Products

No matter what kind of products or services that you choose to promote there are effective ways in which to get the word out about the products. Most people choose a combination of all the ways I will talk about below to market the affiliate products that they choose for their target audience.

Pay Per Click

We have talked about PPC in an earlier blog post. Simply put, PPC can be done on various…

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Know Your Uniqueness and Score Big on Social Media

Know Your Uniqueness and Score Big on Social Media


Now that you know your target market a whole lot better after our last post, it’s time to look at what you bring to the table. Social media marketing requires unique positioning just like the rest of your marketing.

In fact, it might be even more crucial in social media because you’re competing with hundreds or even thousands of other voices vying for attention at the exact same time. When…

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Eating Out Gluten Free

Eating Out Gluten Free


Don’t be surprised if you don’t get complete support from your friends or community. The gluten free diet comes attached to many biases and misconceptions. I’ve been called something I’d rather not repeat by a college professor because I don’t eat gluten. So there are definitely many people who just don’t get it.

That’s okay. It’s not your job to pacify them or to educate them, unless you want…

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An Important Yet Often Ignored Component

An Important Yet Often Ignored Component


Last week we talked about how important is to track clicks and sales. That you will not ever know how to improve your sales if you’re not tracking metrics. Today, I’m going to talk to you about something a lot of affiliate marketers do not do, that they really need to do if they are serious about improving conversion rates.

So, if you’re serious about making money through affiliate marketing, and…

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Planning Your New Wheat Free Life

Planning Your New Wheat Free Life


Ready to live a wheat free life? Enthusiasm and excitement are a great start. You will also need to get organized. I can tell you from experience that the first time you slip up and eat wheat will be because you did not plan ahead.

One mistake doesn’t mean all your prior efforts are wiped out but it’s not fun. You’ll likely experience a few side effects and well, there’s the pride factor to…

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Why Tracking Clicks & Sales Is So Important

Why Tracking Clicks & Sales Is So Important

The weeks are flying by. I hope you’re having as much fun reading as I am talking to you through these blog posts.

Last week we talked about ad placement and this week we are going to talk about tracking clicks and sales and why it’s so important to do that.

The truth is, no matter what you do on line, you should set goals, then study the numbers to ensure that you are reaching those goals. Becau…

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When You Know Your Target, Social Networking Gets Way Easier

When You Know Your Target, Social Networking Gets Way Easier

Know Your TargetIf you’ve been operating your website and business for a while, you probably have a good idea who your target market is. But your social media audience could be considerably different. Plus, each network is unique, so how you approach each one might be quite different.

It’s important to take the time to explore your target market because the more deeply you understand them, the easier it will be…

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How to Make Wheat Free a Relatively Painless Transition

How to Make Wheat Free a Relatively Painless Transition

Going wheat free is easy, right? You just stop eating gluten and you start losing weight and it is wonderful. Not exactly. Unfortunately, there will be a few days where you may very well experience withdrawal symptoms. In fact, it is estimated that about 40 percent of people who go wheat free experience what they generally describe as “flu-like” symptoms.

Assume You’re Going To Get It

You don’t…

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