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Making The Most of Ad Placement Locations

Making The Most of Ad Placement Locations

Troy here. I hope you had a fantastic week. I know I did. Last week I gave you some strategies that can help you make more money as an affiliate marketer and this week I want to get specific about ad placement.

We all know that it’s super important for all kinds of things. From where your business is, to where you place ads, to exactly where you put advertisements on your own website. Location…

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What About Gluten Free Products

What About Gluten Free Products

Everywhere you look there are gluten free products. You can find gluten free mustard, gluten free cinnamon rolls, and gluten free pastas. When you’re eliminating wheat and gluten from your diet, it’s tempting to load up on these options. Some of them taste pretty darned amazing. (Some aren’t so be prepared to experiment and take some risks.)

Here’s The Problem with Gluten Free

The problem with…

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Growing Your Highly Targeted Social Media Following

Growing Your Highly Targeted Social Media Following

We’ve all seen pages on Facebook with thousands…even millions of followers. We’ve seen the same with Twitter and other social networks. It may seem a little overwhelming if you’re starting with a small following and it may feel like you’re just not going to get anywhere if you don’t have a huge following.

Over 1 million followers -

But the truth is, a targeted following is always your best bet. While you should always…

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Simple Strategies for Increasing Your Affiliate Income

Simple Strategies for Increasing Your Affiliate Income

The awesome thing about affiliate marketing is that you do not have to spend one dime or one minute on product creation. You can simply locate and try out products and services that solve problems for your target audience and promote them.

You simply do all the leg work for your target audience to find the products and services that they need the most, and then tell them all about it, delivering…

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The First Step To Eliminating Wheat from Your Diet

The First Step To Eliminating Wheat from Your Diet


Did you know that your soy sauce probably contains wheat? Your lipstick might too. Most of us are pretty naive about how many foods actually contain wheat and/or gluten. Yes, I know lipstick isn’t a food but if you wear it, then you ingest it. It happens when you lick your lips or eat something that touches your lips. Probably not a big deal unless you’re allergic to gluten. Let’s get back to…

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Stop Promoting Products and Start Promoting Solutions

Stop Promoting Products and Start Promoting Solutions


I’m back again. In case you forgot I’m Troy. So far we’ve talked about understanding your audience, why email lists are important and this week we are going to talk about why you should stop promoting products and start promoting solutions.

Once you have completed your market research and you completely understand who your target audience is, and you’ve developed your customer profile take a look…

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Why Go Wheat Free

Why Go Wheat Free

Let’s talk about what might happen when you stop eating wheat. There is a very good chance that you’ve been living with symptoms that you thought were just a part of life. When you stop eating wheat these symptoms are going to disappear and you’re going to experience a whole new level of life and vitality.

I know this is true because it happened to me. I was researching a fitness program called…

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Getting Lost on Social Media: Managing Your Social Networking Time Effectively

Getting Lost on Social Media: Managing Your Social Networking Time Effectively

Time is MoneySocial media is one of the most important business communication developments in a long time, but it’s also one of the biggest sources of distraction and is often a time suck for otherwise productive business owners.

Learning to manage your own social networking time will help you leverage all those great benefits and help you get rid of those unwanted side effects.

Here are some tips to get you…

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The Most Important Factors in Marketing with Stories

The Most Important Factors in Marketing with Stories


Last blog post I told you about the ways in which you can repurpose your marketing stories for maximum exposure and impact. It’s clear that you can start with any format for your story and repurpose it to another. But there are a few things that I believe are the most important factors in creating marketing stories that work.

This is true whether you are creating your brand’s story, your…

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Ways to Repurpose Content & Get More Out of Each Story

Ways to Repurpose Content & Get More Out of Each Story


Last blog post I told you about using imagery to best represent what you want your audience to envision in their mind’s eye. This post is going to be about how you can create many different versions of the same marketing story to get more out of each story and so that you can use it on different mediums such as your website and social media.

There are many different ways to tell a story. The…

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